OHS | Post Op Day Three

Have you ever been so sad that you can’t cry? Is it shock? Or just that they are no more tears? I guess today the roller coaster begins.

I can’t be positive today. I don’t see the silver lining. My heart hurts so bad for my son.

I don’t know what “normal” is these days, but I want that. I want to be at a mommy and me class talking with other moms about cute things our babies are doing. I want to be toting him around in a cute carrier, or my new stroller, showing off his beautiful smile. I just want out of here. I don’t want another day in the hospital.

I was just thinking about how Nate let me hold Kaden, while he pushed me in a wheelchair the first time we left the hospital from Phoenix Childrens. Kaden was four weeks old. I didn’t need a wheelchair, but I had seen all the other moms leave like that with their babies after delivery… And then, my arms were empty. It wasn’t quite the same, but I still got to do it. I am so thankful for this moment. I have the best husband.

Kaden was extubated late this afternoon. He still needs additional support with a bi-pap machine because his breaths were short and shallow. He could be a new baby in 12 hours. He could need re-intubated. We think he just needs another night of rest. Hoping for the best …..


4 thoughts on “OHS | Post Op Day Three

  1. Deby says:

    My heart just aches for you and Nate, your mom and Nate’s mom and dad. Praying for emotional and physical strength for all of you. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you all and give you His peace. Praying.

  2. The Loftus Family says:

    I, too, am just aching for all of you at this most critical and heart-wrenching time. I know you all walk with the Lord and that is comforting, but I also know you are human. Kaden is fighting an amazing fight and needs you right now. He needs your positive strength and your positive prayers. He needs everything everyone can give him, and we all are keeping our faith strong, and sending our prayers to the Lord and to you all, and especially to that mighty strong son of yours! Please, remember that you have so many people holding your hand, and praying continuously for you all. God is good, and will lay His hands on Kaden so he may remain strong. God is there for him…it is out of your hands. Only faith and prayers will get us through.

  3. Pam Hardin says:

    Our hearts ache for you. Please know your Mom’s small group at church has been and will continue to pray. Sending all our positive thoughts and energy your way.

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