OHS| Post Op Day Two

Today has been quiet and nearly uneventful. In the Cardiac ICU, this is a huge blessing. They are slowly lifting his sedation, and Kaden is proving strong and stable.

They have begun to feed him, just 2cc per hour, and this is his first time using a feeding tube. (Avoiding the NG tube up to this point has been a victory we are so proud of!! High five!!) So … this feeding tube is temporary. We need to begin giving his body nourishment to facilitate healing. We will slowly transition back to bottle feeding and solids over the next couple of days (fingers-crossed).

The plan is to allow rest for the remainder of the day and through the night. They will remove his chest tube first thing in the morning and extubate around noon.

We will keep you posted. Thank you for praying!



2 thoughts on “OHS| Post Op Day Two

  1. The Loftus Family says:

    Oh my gosh…such wonderful news. Our prayers are zooming up to the Lord and He is blessing baby Kaden and his family in all ways possible! Keep the faith and follow in your strong son’s lead! He is amazing!!!!!

  2. Tamara Gallaher says:

    So glad to hear Kaden is doing so well! But we will continue to pray for him and you guys Try to get some rest! Love Ron and Tam

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