Praise the Lord! We made it … 

Kaden’s doctors told us he would be very fragile for 2 years; they told us that a thriving toddler at age 2 would be a good indicator of his childhood. 

Today, thriving is an understatement. 

Kaden is not only thriving, he is funny and smart, loves his family, horses, sports, bikes, books, and music. He has a warrior spirit with a tender heart, a mini Nate actually, and you should see him swing a golf club! So, today we celebrate. We celebrate what the Lord has done in our lives, to Kaden’s heart and to our own.

We love you Kaden Lee. You stole our hearts the first time we heard yours beat. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet son. We made it. 


Mom and Dad


8 thoughts on “2.


    Tears of joy after reading your post!!!

    God is good…always!!

    Happiest of birthdays to a beautiful little guy, Kaden, who deserves the best of everything for the rest of his life!!!

    Blessings to all the Endicott family at this most joyous time!!!

    Sent from Debbie Loftus

    • Thanks Ginny! Nice to hear from you!!! I am sure you are busy saving lives everyday! We will always remember you, and we are thankful for the impact you made in our journey

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