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Friends and family near and far…we found out two days ago that they were going to do another balloon procedure. It will take place this afternoon. We are scared, anxious and a tad bit overwhelmed but ITS NOTHING OUR GOD CANNOT DO. We serve a big, strong, mighty and miraculous God that has been looking out for Kaden since the beginning. Kaden’s maker and healer knows what he needs in this very moment.

We HOPE this procedure goes as expected so we can take the next step in getting baby Kaden home.

Erica has spent the past few nights with Kaden and as you could imagine…it’s been tough.

They are doing echo now and from there they will get together and prep for procedure.

Our Ask: That the surgeon and docs and nurses doing this would have clear minds, gentle hands and that God would move through them as they help Kaden.

We will update later but would you please pray?

N8 and Erica


8 thoughts on “Would You Please | Hope

  1. Angela Park says:

    Father, you have allowed ALL of our Faith to be strengthened as we have gone through this journey with Nate, Erica, and beautiful Kayden. You have allowed joyous tears, and gripping concern along the way. At this time we seek Your goodness upon this gentle little one that you have created. Lord we ask for wisdom among the Doctor’s and Nurses that will place their abilities, and knowledge upon this child, we ask for Your intercession as they go forth. Please heal this child, please allow for the miracle that we are asking for. Please bind any illness, disease, or discomfort, and in its return bring Health, Joy and Favor Father. We thank you in advance for Your amazing work. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. And so it shall be.

  2. Linda Marsh says:

    We will be prayin for Baby Kaden and your whole Family!! Praying for God’s Peace and Love to surround at this time and for God to quide the Doctor’s Hand!! Love & Prayers Linda & Don Marsh❤️❤️

  3. Brookelyn Ficarra says:

    Praying for you little man! May Jesus give the doctors wisdom, strength and steady hands as they preform the procedure today.

  4. Courtney Williams says:

    I am still praying and following baby Kaden’s story. I am hoping the echo goes well and he can go home soon. I am not sure of his exact CHD but I was born with pulmonary aortic stenosis 35 years ago. I am so glad they are finding early interventions for our little heart fighters! Praying this all gets better and Kaden’s heart can be improved easily… love to you all!

  5. Helen Passmore says:

    Father God, we know that You are in control, and have this precious child in the palm of Your hand. We pray that You would guide the doctors and nurses in this procedure and that it would do it’s job and heal Kaden. Thank you for this precious life, and we pray Your hand over him. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  6. Deby says:

    Have been praying and will continue. Praying Kaden is resting well and of course mommy and daddy! Eagerly awaiting the next update when available! ❤

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