Praising God | Keep Petitioning

Friends & Family…I’m again sitting here with tears rolling down my face. After the last update they finished the echocardiogram and said “Nate call Erica and tell her to not use her 4 hour pass today to come see him after procedure.” I was taken back at first but quickly the cardiologist and surgeon said “WE AINT DOING A PROCEDURE CUZ HIS HEART KEEPS GETTING BETTER”

I started crying but told them it ain’t a surprise because over 5000k+ people are praying for him right now.

Plan is to pull him off meds and see how he does.

Keep praying and petitioning. God IS 100% in the restoration / healing business. His hours of operation are 24/7/365.

It’s a long ways from over but people are hearing this story in over 14 countries and God is doing rad stuff.

Fight Kaden FIGHT!



7 thoughts on “Praising God | Keep Petitioning

  1. Mary Davis says:

    Praise God! I was so happy when I started that echocardiogram today and I got to see his amazing little heart šŸ™‚ That made my day. Prayers are continuing for you guys.

  2. avsnowgirl says:

    GOD is so GOOD!!! I was praying this morning for Kaden, He is answering you’re prayers. HE if Faithful. I will continue to pray, sending love and blessings your way.

  3. Courtney Williams says:

    It’s amazing what the power of prayer can do. Stay strong and just have faith that God is taking this into his hands. Prayers for you all!!

  4. Lana Fender says:

    You have tears running down my face !! Im So happy and its so amazing the wrk God does especially with the power of prayer!!!

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