Thank You | Don’t Stop

At 1pm they rolled Kaden out of his NICU room, out the double doors and onto the elevators. They pressed the down button and we went to floor 4. We arrived to hear once again all of the risks involved and before we kissed him goodbye we inked one last signature.

As we walked away we were both numb. Almost zero emotions because of the roller coaster ride we have been on the past eleven weeks.

As those things called tears are streaming down my face right now…THE PROCEDURE ONCE AGAIN WENT BETTER THAN PLANNED. PRAISE GOD!!!

They just wheeled him back into the room and over the next few hours they will be letting him recover, come to and get the breathing tube out.

Tomorrow we will report more but God continues to give us favor and this little boy is truly “A little fighter”.

This is tough stuff but nothing we can’t get through.

Keep praying DONT STOP as he rests tonight. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Literally over 6500+ people praying for him today.

N8 + Erica


8 thoughts on “Thank You | Don’t Stop

  1. April De Young says:

    I will continue to be praying for your little fighter. I will pray for Gods arms to be tightly around all of you 🙂

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