The Time Has Come | Let’s Do This


Here we go. 1am Erica thought her water broke. 1:02am she went back to sleep as she thought it was false alarm. 9:30am we called doc and went in to get checked. Her water did indeed break. They are admitting and getting us a room.

It’s been an amazing journey to watch God move and in the next 24 hours there will be lots of AHA moments as we watch God do his thing.

I will keep you all posted along the way but for now this is what we ask for in prayer (as docs, surgeons, nurses, multiple hospitals and specialists thousands of miles away prep)…that God would give wisdom, clarity 100% confidence in all who will be involved. He’s calling all the shots so it’s not time to waiver or squirm, rather just be still and know He is God and He can do far more than we could ever ask for, hope for or imagine. For Erica; that God would keep her safe, give her courage to trust and that everything would go better than planned/expected.

Kaden Lee…bro hang tight and may the world be touched by what is about to happen. I can’t wait to feel your heart beat, hold your hand, give you a little knuckle bump and check to see if I can see where the needle went into your side as it entered your body and into your heart to help you.

Here we go…let’s do this. United we stand as loved ones, family and friends from many countries…go Kaden go.



3 thoughts on “The Time Has Come | Let’s Do This

  1. Ginny says:

    Cannot WAIT to hear how everything goes…hoping and praying for a wonderful, easy birth, and not too much to happen with the baby…feel the love and prayers coming your way from Boston!!

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