Holy Waiting Game | Tick Tock

Quick update…

It’s been a very long and uneventful night. We thought this little fighter was gonna pop that head out early this morning but he’s just chillin and for some reason just doesn’t want to come yet. I could speculate on why but let’s just say he probably heard the gal next door that missed her chance for the epideral and screamed for four hours to finally push her little girl out.

After 1 hour sleep, Erica’s body just not quite getting into real labor…they are giving her an epideral and letting her sleep till she feels pressure and needs to push. When will he come? When he comes.

I’m gonna give him a quick little game day chat and make sure he knows what he needs to do.

The teams are still prepped but I’m sure it’s better that he could come today verses last night. Weekends supposedly aren’t the best time when you need an army of people on call/stand by to make sure he is well taken care of when he comes.

Stay tuned


3 thoughts on “Holy Waiting Game | Tick Tock

  1. Barbara & Dean Holbein says:

    We are praying in anxiously waiting Kayden’s arrival ! thanks for keeping us updated.
    love and blessings,
    Dean & Barb Holbein

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