Waiting Time | Never Wasted Time

I recently heard a very wise spiritual giant say, “waiting time is never wasted time”. In most things that is so true! With so many doctor visits and trips back and forth to the hospital, we can’t WAIT for Kaden to arrive. Being patient is not so easy, but we know that the longer Kaden stays in, the more his little heart heals.

His room is ready. The hospital bag is packed just in case he pops out early and we ENDICOTTS are so stoked to watch what God is going to do with him.

In life, in almost every circumstance that arises we humans tend to want things NOW. We want that job, that raise, that promotion, that bonus, that next deal to close, that new car, our loved ones healed and our prayers answered. Yet Gods timing is always the right timing and the in between time that we all feel is WASTED…is actually a blessing in disguise. Our flesh wants it now but God truly does know what he is doing and we must SUBMIT and know that His plan is PERFECT.

If you are like me, EVERY TIME there is a crisis, a loss, a need, a want or even a legitimate request…it’s always evident in the end that the timing was perfect.

Just think…if we all would take advantage of the in between time so we don’t miss out on what God is trying to do in and through us.

Kaden, I love you. I’m so proud of you. You truly are a fighter and this waiting time not only continues to heal your heart but it’s causing daddy and thousands of others to GROW and take spiritual next steps. Can’t wait to watch your heart beat and most importantly, see what God does with you.

Mommy is amazing and you already owe her big time dude 🙂



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