Round Three | Today Is The Day

Yesterday was tough but Kaden did well. He TRULY is a fighter and our little champion. His story continues to be a miracle. What we heard and what we witnessed will FOREVER mark us and leave an eternal impression on our family but more importantly the families and hospitals and doctors for which we will be making NOISE for.

One family in from Portland has 6 kids. 5 are adopted and 4 of these children had congenital heart defects. Talk about heart! We were so grateful to meet this warrior mama!! Her youngest just had a heart transplant, and her toddler was here in Boston with HLHS, hoping to get approved for the Fontan procedure. Another boy, 7, had just received a heart transplant, clearly another warrior. 7 years ago, they didn’t have the technology or training to spot what has now saved our son. This family was so grateful to hear Kaden’s story and to learn of advances in technology and medicine with left heart issues. We are meeting other families in the valley and throughout the U.S. that have their own stories, and we can’t wait to be a voice and raise awareness for these miracle babies!

SOOOOOO TODAY is the DAY where they will make a small incision in his groin area to put a catheter in his artery all the way up to his heart. Then they will feed a needle through it as they puncture a tiny hole into his heart and then another to get across the heart over to the mitral valve. They said Kaden’s valve is essentially closed, that the blood has found three holes to seep through, leaving the pressure across this valve moderate to severe. The catheter will also thread the balloon to stretch the valve and relieve some pressure.

Our ask is that Kaden is safe, that his body can handle the anesthesia and the procedure, and the procedure itself goes better than expected. We also hope to avoid the ICU. BCH does one of these procedures a week, so we are confident in the results they can get for Kaden…. We all know who truly is in charge today. We are confident that His plan is perfect and we are so unbelievably thankful for all the prayers and support. Father, please be with Dr Tworetsky, Dr Marshall, Dr Lock and all others who will be involved today. No matter what the outcome is, we trust you — all together EVERYWHERE…AMEN


8 thoughts on “Round Three | Today Is The Day

  1. The Loftus Family says:

    Although our sons medical journey did not concern the heart, it was life-threatening, and by the Grace of God, Mike received the strength to get through 12 hours of brain surgery. Knowing your faith in our Lord, I know little Kaden will be watched over and blessed during his ordeal, too. Gods hands will guide the doctors and surgeons and the outcome will be wondrous! Our prayers are always with you all, and we have faith that Kaden will weather this storm, and continue to be your little warrior! Keep the faith, and Remember to give it to God…He will guide the way,

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