Home Sweet Home

After one week in the hospital, two blood transfusions, and lots of meetings, Kaden was released to go home. It was a challenging week for us, but we were reminded (again) that Kaden has been placed in the hands of some amazing physicians and that being obedient isn’t always convenient, or in accordance with our timing. It is always ‘just right’.

Kaden was released just in time to take these pictures at 4 months….., Nate said, he is 4 months old and there isn’t anything he can’t get through. He’s tough, and God has a firm grip on him.

No caption needed.

No caption needed.

This is what a 4-month fighter looks like.

This is what a 4-month old fighter looks like.

We know surgery is inevitable; it is just a matter of when.

What we do ….. We are praying to get through his first full year of life before going back to Boston. We are asking God to heal his heart everyday.

What we don’t do ….. We don’t let this stop us from doing life. I went out this afternoon to help a new agent open her first retirement account for a client. I got this picture and the following text, We love you mommy, you are the best.

These moments make it all worth it.

These moments make it all worth it.

In Life & Love,



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