Life and Love at Home

Kaden has officially been home from the hospital for two months. He has been under close watch from his pediatrician and cardiologists both in Phoenix and Boston, and he continues to amaze all people involved.

Kaden is a true success story. His last echocardiogram showed excellent function of the left side of the heart. (If you remember, the goal of the surgery in Boston was to restore some functionality of the left side). While neither his aortic valve or mitral valve are normal, his condition, aortic stenosis, is still in the mild range. He is gaining weight and has not required any supplemental nutrition or feeding tubes. This boy smiles constantly, as he should. At just 11 weeks old, Kaden’s results have exceeded all expectations. We are so blessed.

So today, we wanted to share a little bit about how life has been at home. Here are some photos from his recent newborn photo shoot.

We love spending time together.

We love spending time together, and Kaden has brought so much joy to our home.

He gets quiet time with Mom.

He gets quiet time with Mom.

And cuddles with Dad.

And cuddles with Dad.

Nate enjoys time with the boys.

Nate enjoys time with the boys.

While the girls are the best helpers.

While the girls are the best helpers.

Ultimately, all of our children are so very special.

Ultimately, all of our children are so very special.          (Jeffrey not pictured)

And we have lots of fun alogether.

And we have lots of fun altogether.

We continue to have hearts of gratitude, and are so very thankful for this journey thus far. Kaden is truly a fighter and has lived up to the meaning of his name!!

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We know there are thousands listening, reading, and praying for our sweet boy, many of which are continually inspired to take spiritual next steps. Our goal is for that to be millions. Because of this we have started a fund, that may serve to pay for future surgeries, but our hope is that it can do so much more — We desire to use Kaden’s story to support research for congenital heart disease, raise awareness on the benefits of in-utero surgeries, and help families in similar situations. Several have already donated, and many more have asked. More information will follow.

Nate & Erica


2 thoughts on “Life and Love at Home

  1. Debe Graham says:

    I absolutely love the updates especially with pictures. Thank you so much. Prayers go up often for the entire family and several have been answered. I know he is a work in progress and we are blessed to be able to be a small part of the prayer warriors. Looking forward to how to donate.

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