Today is a New Day

Quick update…. The fight continues!!

Two days of rest and two blood transfusions did wonders for this little boy. Today is truly a new day!

Kaden has been eating, sleeping, and in his mommy and daddy’s arms most of the day. In fact, right now as he lies on my chest, he is even snoring just a little bit 🙂 We need to keep him in a calm, quiet environment so that he continues to heal, but all other activities suggest he is a normal, healthy newborn!

They began to ween him off his medications, and that process will take a few days. There is even talk of a timeline in which he can come home…. Will keep you posted!



6 thoughts on “Today is a New Day

  1. Jerry & Namcy says:

    Hang in there, Erica, we are sure your beautiful son will be fine and grow into a fine young man, like Jeffrey. Still like to show you Yosemte!!

  2. Charyl Henderson says:

    Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. The prayers will continue as you spend more time with Kaden. Coming home sounds so great!

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