The procedure took 6 minutes once they were in. The hole in her belly is what you see, no stitches and maybe the size of a the camera lens on the back of the iPhones 😉

Praise JESUS! I’m in tears. They said it’s the best they have seen. Blood is flowing in the right directions and the docs said this little boy is gonna be ok.

Keep praying things continue to heal but I GOT NEWS FOR YA’LL – This is a freaking MIRACLE is what they say. The goal is to monitor and hope that his heart continues to heal and start working correctly lots of scans and tests next few hours. End goal is to save left side of heart and get him to avoid anymore surgeries. But we will continue to pray and beg God for only what he can do.

Momma is safe. Baby Kaden is a stud. Little dude has had a needle through his side, in his heart and out again. What up 😉

Keep praying.