Gratitude, Love, and Support

Thank you everyone for the phone calls, texts, and messages. As most of you know, Kaden was admitted back into Phoenix Children’s last week.

We have been a little silent since his last visit to the Cardiologist a couple of weeks ago. His heart function still looks very good, but he had fallen off the weight charts. He had been eating well and gaining weight, just not enough. His little heart has to work harder than other babies so his intake was not high enough to compensate for the extra calories he burned.

At that point we experienced some feeding problems that are common among 3-month old babies, and he just didn’t have the cardiac reserve to push his little body through. Our pediatrician and cardiologist felt it best to admit him to the hospital so he had the support necessary to quickly get back on the right track.

Kaden has perservered!! (As always) … Praise God! He received a blood transfusion on Friday which makes his heart happy. It gives him this added boost, and now he is doing great, trending with positive weight gain, and his intake per feed has increased. There has been some trial and error getting his intake and calorie count right. Thankfully, I have been able to be here with Kaden around the clock to work with his team of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists.

I always pray for God to give me His eyes, to see what He sees. And here I have seen so many children in the hospital without parents this week. There are babies and toddlers, big kids and little, without a visitor or family member here. The hospital has nurses and volunteers who I have seen love on these children, thankfully, but even that is just for a shift. It breaks my heart. I have cried, and also prayed for these kids. This has also made me so very thankful.

I am first thankful for our God, who picked me to be Kaden’s mom, who gave Kaden a powerful story, who has provided the guidance, peace, and resources as promised in His word.

I am thankful for my husband, this amazing provider and loving father. He has been able to continue to manage these roles through every challenge. He has allowed me to drop everything to be with our son, be his advocate, and give him the love and nurturing each child deserves. He has been this incredible emotional support to get me through the long hours in the hospital where hours turn into days and days turn into weeks, all while coaching soccer and still preparing for his next meeting.

I am thankful for our parents who have dropped everything to support us. Our kids hands down, have the best Gigi, TT, and Papadude around. This topic alone deserves it’s own blog, but any of you who know them, know what I mean!! We couldn’t have made it though this week without them.

I am thankful to our friends and family who are constantly praying and sending loving and encouraging messages. Each one means so much.

That being said, I plan to volunteer at Phoenix Children’s in this next season… anyone with me? Maybe find a local hospital or dream center in your area. There are children that need you.


Thanks for following… With love and gratitude,