A Letter To Kaden


One of my favorite things to listen to is the sound of your heartbeat. It has been something I anticipated between each monthly doctor visit, even before we found out about your heart condition. I would be thinking about that sweet sound the weeks before that next appointment and the week after. I would try to play it over and over again in my head, but it was never as good as the real thing. It was always the last thing I got to do before leaving the doctor, and each time it put the biggest smile on my face and absolutely warmed my heart. I wanted to hear it everyday, but I have to admit the anticipation always made it better. It is delayed gratification. 

It has now been nearly three weeks since the doctors in Boston successfully completed the surgery on your heart. I am going to the doctor now 2-3 times a week for monitoring. This is standard for a high-risk pregnancy, and in addition, your Dad and I also see your cardiologists. God has aligned some amazing physicians to watch over you. We are very blessed. 

Selfishly, I must admit I get to listen to your heartbeat now twice a week for at least twenty minutes at a time. I love it. Now, I just can’t wait to feel it with my hands and up against mine. 

I am already so proud of you and your strength. I cannot wait to see your heart in action …. And not mechanically (God is in control of that), but rather how you use it, what you are passionate about, what you love and what you pursue, and most importantly, who you are and whose you are. 

I love you, Kaden. God is already using you for big things. 



2 thoughts on “A Letter To Kaden

  1. Ginny Silva says:

    Thinking of you all! Love that all is going well. I still have some beautiful flowers from your lovely bouquet…..Looking at them let’s me think of you even more! Keep up the good work! x0x

  2. Debe Graham says:

    Still continuing with prayers and love when you guys update or write letters. I truly believe that he will be just perfect by the time he ready to make his entrance into this world. You guys are both very special to me. I love all the Endicott Kids.

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