Faithfully Petitioning

Although we have absolute Faith in what God has, is and will do for/in and through Baby Kaden…we continue to petition/ask/beg God for healing of his heart.

Yes the procedure went better than expected by all parties involved, but there are so many things ahead that could happen that no one can predict.

Living in fear could cripple us in this time but we are choosing to walk this journey and many more that will come IN FAITH as we continually ask God for healing of the left side, ask God to be with all specialists involved, beg God to give us patience/wisdom to stay focused on his good/pleasing will.

Tomorrow afternoon we have our first ultrasound since returning.

Pray that Gods healing hands touch this little boy and that we would have the attentive ears to listen to what HE TELL US.

Thank you for being on this journey with us!

Love you all,

Nate and Erica


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