Rough Night | Hoping For Better Day

Sleeping on a chair that makes into a bed ain’t all that bad when you are laying next to your best friend in the hospital…even w/out much sleep.

Erica was up most of night in pain but everything seems to be doing great with Kaden. He is moving a ton and after what they did to him inside there, I believe I’d want the heck out as well lol.

Today at 12:45 EST they are doing an Ultrasound to see how things are going internally and then we have another big echocardiogram with Dr Tworetzky and team to see how his heart is doing and take a look at what’s potentially to come / expect from this point forward.

We should be back in hotel tonight and then heading home I the AM.

Dad left this AM to head back to the OC.

Stay tuned

Eph 3:20


3 thoughts on “Rough Night | Hoping For Better Day

  1. Stan "papa-dude" says:

    On the plane headed home to Orange County. Nate & Erica – An amazing time with both of you. Sitting on the plane next to a guy who sells airplane parts. I told him the story of the last week. He said, “wow, this could have been a different plane ride if things had gone wrong”. He is so right. Thanking God for every single detail of it all. When Erica entered the double doors of the operating room, words cannot describe what all she had to be dealing with. But she was incredible. Love you Erica. I have never seen anything like the team at the hospital. So thankful. Soon we will all be holding little Kaden. What an amazing day that will be. Love you Kaden – SEE YOU SOON buddy.
    and most important, “Jesus – we adore you”. Thank you

  2. Debe Graham says:

    The entire Endicott Family are amazing spiritual leaders and believers. Prayers for an easier day for Erica today and for continued good news. Praise to our wonderful God

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