Gods Perfect Timing | Not Always Ours

One week ago we found out there was something wrong with Kaden’s heart. Today we are in Boston meeting with the top heart specialists in the world – who know the ins and the outs, the risks and rewards of this procedure. They will be putting a needle into Erica’s belly through his chest into his heart to feed a balloon cath in so they can stretch the Aortic Valve and unclog the artery…the crazy thing is they don’t flinch an inch and they just do what they are supposed to do as doctors. His heart is the size of a grape.

Remember how we were not supposed to have had our ultrasound until the 29th (tomorrow), we did and although the timing is not what we expected…God knew exactly and aligned all of this.

Erica’s turn…listen up —

Doesn’t it usually work that way? We think we know, but really we have no idea.

I have learned to submit not only my life, but my understanding, in all things and at all times, to The Lord.

We often want control, to think we will find peace knowing the outcomes of life’s events and planning the timing according to our own needs and wants. When the truth is we find peace only in Him…. In submitting these things to Him, and to His perfect timing.

In this situation, Nate and I have done precisely that. We are submitting to Him and being obedient. It is here where we have found peace.

The Bible says God has a plan for us, even while in the womb. Kaden is evidence of this message.

I love you Kaden Lee Endicott – your heart has brought out so much LOVE in so many people. And I have some very dear friends that taught me, LOVE CONQUERS ALL. We will be victorious.

I can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support our family has received. We are so blessed, and give 100% of the glory to our Heavenly Father.


5 thoughts on “Gods Perfect Timing | Not Always Ours

  1. Peter Anzaldo says:

    May GOD be with little boy Endicott. .
    May HE heal him through the physician hands..James 5:15…Healing through GOD’S divine power..

  2. Hello dear Erica, Nate,and family. I am doing my best to not fly there to be by your side. Am placing a prayer chain like no other than I’ve done before because you are as close to a daughter as I’ll know. Love you! Kaden … bugaboo, your family awaits you. Love to all! ~Auntie Diana

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